The 2020 upgraded version of the 21c mic includes an improved voltage regulator circuit and the summing of signals from dual mic elements - the combination of these changes substantially enhance signal strength over electronic & background noise. Resulting benefits are improved listening clarity, higher reach into the sky for detecting calls, and many more calls extracted with automatic detection software than the original 21c design. An additional benefit of the new 21c mic circuit is that a balanced line from the mic to the power supply is now standard. This helps minimize electromagnetic interference, especially over long cable runs and/or for mics mounted on short towers.

The first 40 of the new 21c mics for sale are less expensive because they incorporate the last stock of the mic's interior acrylic base & pyramid reflector, which were custom-made in China. Once these 40 are sold, the mics will have the same acrylic pieces assembled in the US (more expensive to produce). For the foreseeable future, all custom 21c parts will be assembled in the US. The circuit board, and the mic as a whole, are assembled in New York State and have been since the micís inception in 2010.

For those who can't afford the upgraded 21c, a do-it-yourself "21c-lite" mic kit will be available by August 2020 for less than $150.

- June 14, 2020