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2023 Spring Pilot Study


Automatic Dickcissel night flight call recording stations operated at

Rio Hondo High School, Harlingen High School South, Donna High School, and the Alamo Inn B&B.


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Solar powered equipment was tested at the Donna and Harlingen high schools



   Microphones at Donna High School (left) and Harlingen High School South (right)


Presentations about the project were given to six high school classes




More than 12,000 Dickcissel nocturnal flight calls were recorded at Harlingen High School South



Click on the spectrogram above to hear a segment of the incredible aggregation of night migrating birds

that occurred over Harlingen High School South just before midnight on April 28th.



We tested online display of Dickcissel nocturnal flight call detections as they happened (in near real-time) via Vesper open source software