Sold out for spring 2018

Contact Bill (ear2sky at oldbird dot org) for June/July 2018 availability


If you are looking for a 21c mic for spring 2018, you may be able to purchase a used one by putting a request on the Cornell nfc-l listserv or Facebook nfc group.




Old Bird 21c replacement pyramid reflector and mic element - $50

(replace full interior of mic including mic element; also replace plastic & cloth covers)


Old Bird 21c check up and maintenance - $20

(replace plastic and cloth covers)


Knowles EK23132 microphone element with leads - $20

(replacement mic element for Old Bird 21c)


Knowles EK23029 microphone element with leads - $20

(replacement mic element for home-made "flowerpot" microphones)



Contact Bill at ear2sky at oldbird dot org to make purchase and shipping arrangements.

Payment can be made via personal check or PayPal.