The picture above shows how the circuit can be mounted on the back of the dinner plate by merely using "duck" tape.  Before this is done however, it is useful to wrap black vinyl electrical tape around the circuit parts to prevent short circuits.  The "duck" tape functions to hold the circuit and the battery firmly to the bottom of the plate.  In cases when stray electrical interference is encountered, the circuit can be mounted inside a small metal box (or can be wrapped in aluminum foil) before it is mounted on the bottom of the plate.  The metal container will need to be connected to the electrical ground conductor in the circuit.  For most locations, such protective measures are unnecessary.

The picture above also illustrates the beginning of the process of attaching the plastic wrap. In this case a piece of plastic wrap is laid flat on a towel.  The plate is then laid face down on top of the plastic.  The plastic can then be gently stretched taut and folded over on top of the plate and "duck" taped secure.