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Common Raven Corvus corax

Flight call description A variable, hoarse, rising "wrraah" is the most common flight call but also gives a wide range of deep croaking, guttural trilled, and other odd-sounding calls. See Behavior.


Fig.1. Maine June 29, 1987 (WRE).

Bird in flight.



Diurnal calling sequences:

1. Maine June 29, 1987 (WRE). Two birds in flight giving "wrraah" and a two-noted call.

2. Arizona January 26, 2001 (WRE). Two birds in flight giving "wrraah" calls.

3. Arizona January 26, 2001 (WRE). Bird in flight giving odd call. Wind noise and a few Brewer's Blackbird calls in the background.

4. Maine June 21, 1997 (MO). Juvenile and adult calling with Ovenbird and Black-throated Green and Bay-breasted Warblers singing in the background.

5. Maine June 21, 1997 (MO). Juvenile and adult with Black-throated Green Warbler, American Robin and Ovenbird in the background.


Similar species Most calls deeper and more guttural than American Crow.


Behavior Diurnal migrant (F. Nicoletti, pers. comm.). Highly vocal species yet seems to be mostly silent in migration flight.