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Groove-billed Ani Crotophaga sulcirostris

Flight call description An emphatic, whistled "peek-uwheea" (or shorter "uwheea") and a low, squeaky "syrk". Both call types are often repeated and may be mixed together.



Fig.1. Texas April 1995 (WRE).

"Uwheea" call from perched bird.




Fig.2. Belize March 30, 2001 (MO).

"Syrk" call from bird in flight with domestic rooster in the background.


Examples     Diurnal

Diurnal calling sequence:

1. Texas April 1995 (WRE). Perched bird.

2. Belize March 30, 2001 (MO). "Syrk" and "peek-uwheea" calls from several birds perched then flying away. Domestic rooster calling in the background.


Similar species Great-tailed Grackle song includes a variable rising whistle which may be similar to Groove-billed Ani's whistle call but is typically longer and more evenly rising.


Behavior Diurnal migrant (J. Arvin, pers. comm.). Not known to migrate at night. Gives flight calls regularly while perched and in flight during the day.