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Western Kingbird Tyrannus verticalis

Flight call description A loud, abrupt, squeaky "kip" may occasionally be used as a flight call.


Fig.1. Colorado July 21, 2001 (MO).

"Kip" call given from perched bird.



Diurnal calling sequences:

1.Colorado July 21, 2001 (MO). "Kip" calls and twitter from perched bird with Mourning Dove in the background.

2. Colorado July 21, 2001 (MO). "Kip" calls from perched bird with Northern Mockingbird, Common Nighthawk, and Mourning Dove in the background.


Similar species Very similar to Scissor-tailed Flycatcher but shorter and not as squeaky.


Behavior Diurnal and nocturnal migrant. Typically does not vocalize in migration flight but gives "kip" call, song variations, and audible wing display in short flights on the breeding grounds and in the postbreeding season.