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Rose-breasted Grosbeak Pheucticus ludovicianus

Flight call description Highly variable. A thrush-like whistle, often with a plaintive, burry quality, such as "bzeew" or "eeee". Sometimes gives rougher, burrier notes such as "jheep".


Fig.1. Maryland September 13, 1994 (MO). 

Bird in flight.


Examples     Diurnal     Nocturnal


Similar species Pure-toned calls similar to Hermit Thrush but shorter, usually with a slight burry quality, and often more abrupt. Buzzy calls similar to Wood Thrush but shorter and with a coarser buzz. Mountain Bluebird similar but distinctly lower. See thrush-like calls.


Behavior Primarily a nocturnal migrant but engages in redetermined migration and onward spring migration in the Gulf coast region. Gives flight call regularly while perched and in flight during the day and during nocturnal migration. From analysis of night flight call recordings in central New York in fall, Rose-breasted Grosbeak calling invariably diminishes significantly by 3AM EDT. In contrast, calling from thrushes typically continues into the dawn period with a notable early dawn increase.