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McCown's Longspur diurnal flight calls


Fig.4. Texas March 13, 1997 (WRE).

Rattle call from bird in flight.



Fig.5. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE).

short rattle call


Diurnal calling sequences:

1. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE). Rattles and "pink" calls amidst calls from Sandhill Crane, Horned Lark, and a Lark Bunting.

2. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE). Rattles amidst calls from Sandhill Crane and Yellow-headed Blackbird.

3. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE). "Pink" calls amidst Horned Lark calls in mixed flock takeoff. Sandhill Cranes in the background.

4. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE). Rattle and "pink" calls from single bird.

5. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE). Rattles from single bird.

6. Texas March 13, 1997 (WRE). Rattles from single bird.

7. Colorado July 14, 2001 (MO). Rattle calls from two birds in flight.

8. Texas March 13, 1997 (WRE). "Jik" call given as bird is flushed to flight.

9. Colorado July 14, 2001 (MO). Bird in flight on breeding grounds alternating "pink" and "tlo" calls.

10. Colorado July 14, 2001 (MO). "Pink" call from bird in flight with Lark Bunting singing in the background.