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Brown Thrasher Toxostoma rufum

Flight call description No known flight call but may rarely give a burry, descending "heeoo" in nocturnal migration. Frequently gives "tchk" calls or rapid "tchk" series in short diurnal flights.


Fig.1. New Jersey December 21 1998 (MO).

"Heeoo" call from perched bird.



Fig.2. Alabama October 9, 1989 (WRE).

"Tchk" call from bird in flight. Note vegetation reflection.


Examples     Nocturnal

Diurnal calling sequences:

1. New Jersey December 21, 1998 (MO). Variety of calls from bird making short hops through vegetation. 

2. Alabama October 9, 1989 (WRE). "Tchk" calls given while perched and in short flight and "heeoo" call from perched bird.


Similar species See thrush-like calls.


Behavior Nocturnal migrant. Thought to be mostly silent in nocturnal migration but may rarely give "heeoo" call.