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Brown Creeper Certhia americana

Flight call description A high, soft "tsf".


Fig.1. New York June 1987 (WRE).

Perched bird with Red-eyed Vireo singing in the background.



Diurnal calling sequences:

1. New York June 1987 (WRE). Very weak flight calls and "seee" amidst song of Red-eyed Vireo and calls of Great Crested Flycatcher.  Also a Brown Creeper "seee" note in the cut.

2. New Jersey November 8, 2001 (MO). Foraging bird creeping around a tree.


Similar species Shorter and softer than chickadees or Golden-crowned Kinglet. Shorter and weaker than similar warbler calls.


Behavior Nocturnal migrant. Calls regularly in short diurnal flights. Not known to give flight call at night.