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Grasshopper Sparrow Ammodramus savannarum

Flight call description A long, high, "szeeee". Typically slightly rising and sometimes with a faint sibilance.


Fig.1. Florida January 28, 1997 (WRE).

Perched bird.


Examples     Diurnal     Nocturnal


Similar species See Seaside, Baird's, and Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows.


Behavior Nocturnal migrant. Flight call given regularly by perched birds, in particular around dawn and dusk, and by nocturnal migrants.


Spectrographic description Measured calls (N=6) were 115.7-301.3 (170.8) mS in duration and in the 7.4-9.4 (7.5-8.8) kHz frequency range. The frequency track was single-banded or with a faint upper band and level or slightly rising. The calls typically did not reveal any periodic modulation but often had an erratic track with small, abrupt frequency variations (e.g., Fig.2.).