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Black-backed Woodpecker Picoides arcticus

Flight call description  A harsh rattle call (e.g., "dzr-dr-dr"). A short, hollow "tchk" may occasionally be given in short flights.


Fig.1. New York June 6, 1989 (Ted Mack).

Rattle call from bird in flight.



Fig.2. New York June 6, 1989 (Ted Mack).

"Tchk" call from perched bird.



Diurnal calling sequence:

1. New York June 6, 1989 (Ted Mack). "Tchk" calls from perched bird.


Similar species Three-toed Woodpecker is reported to have a similar rattle call. "Tchk" call is distinctive. 


Behavior Limited migratory movements probably take place during both day and night. Rattle call typically given in flight and the "tchk" call primarily from perched birds (Dixon and Saab, 2000).