Chatham, NY

American Redstart        Black-and-white Warbler        Black-throated Blue Warbler        Canada Warbler        Cape May Warbler        Common Yellowthroat        Chestnut-sided Warbler        Double-up complex       

Mourning Warbler        Northern Parula        Northern Waterthrush        Ovenbird        Savannah Sparrow        Wilson's Warbler        Zeep complex

7-night warbler and Sparrow Night Flight Call Totals (9pm-5am EDT)

2012    2013    2014    2015    2016

Daily datapoints are mid-week dates of weekly warbler and sparrow call totals, for example the first data point in each year (Aug 13) indicates the call total during the period from 8:30pm Aug 10 through 5:30am Aug 17.

The following individual night's data were missed and likely contributed to lower call totals during associated weeks:

Aug 29-30