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Scientific publications on Avian Night flight Call Monitoring in the LRGV


Publication in The Journal for Field Ornithology involving Dickcissel data in the 2000-2004 study:

Larkin, R.P., Evans, W.R., Diehl, R.H. 2002  Nocturnal flight calls of Dickcissels and Doppler radar echoes over south Texas in spring. Journal of Field Ornithology 73:2-8.



Publication in Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society about nocturnal flight call data gathered at Harlingen High School South :

Evans, W. R. and Conway, M. H. 2021. Early fall migrant Black-and-white Warblers Mniotilta varia in the Lower Rio Grande Valley detected by nocturnal flight calls.

Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society Vol. 54(1-2):19-25.


         Manuscript (PDF 0.3 mb)