Somerset and Yates Avian Nocturnal Flight Call Archive

This archive contains avian flight calls recorded during a study on nocturnal bird migration concentration dynamics in the coastal region of southern Lake Ontario from mid-April through mid-June 2016. During the study more than 3000 station-hours of audio were received from the night sky by an array of seven monitoring stations located in the Towns of Somerset & Yates, NY. Avian nocturnal flight calls were extracted from the audio recordings using the automatic flight call detection software  "Tseep" and "Thrush".


27,858 bird calls extracted with the Tseep software, mostly warblers & sparrows, can be browsed (by spectrogram/audio & station) at the first link below. Calls extracted with the Thrush software, and those from both detectors in a similar period during spring 2017 & 2018 are being incorporated. The second link below contains audio examples recorded in the study of species listed as Threatened or Special Concern in New York State, or which are rare in the region of the study.


Searchable warbler & sparrow audio & spectrographic database


Audio examples from study of New York State listed and rare species