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McCown's Longspur Calcarius mccownii

Flight call description A rattle call is a squeaky, popping "ku-ku-ku-dp", usually two to four notes. Other calls include an abrupt "pink" and a slightly burry "jik". A doubled "pd-ink" and a lower "pdo" have been are given in flight on the breeding grounds.


Fig.1. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE).

Rattle call from bird in flight.



Fig.2. Arizona January 25, 2001 (WRE).

"Pd-ink" call from bird in flight.



Fig.3. Texas March 13, 1997 (WRE).

"Jik" call from bird in flight.


Examples     Diurnal     Nocturnal


Similar species See Longspur rattles.


Behavior Primarily a nocturnal migrant but engages in resumed migration. Gives flight calls regularly while perched and in flight during the day. Nocturnal migrants give at least the "jik" call.


Spectrographic description See Longspur rattles.