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South Texas weather data (spring 2000-2005)


Click the year below to see spring weather data for the Dickcissel migration period during that year.

Information includes daily weather data by hour (0-23 hours) for wind direction (degrees), wind speed (miles per hour), and percent cloud cover (percent of sky covered by clouds). 









Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of

this same spring weather data


For regional weather information showing pressure systems and weather fronts

See the surface maps at the Unysis weather map archive

Once you are on the Unysis weather map archive page, click the link on the left corresponding to the month and year of which you would like to see daily weather maps. For example, the link 0004 is for April of 2000. When you click that link you will see a list of links for two weather maps for each day in April 2000.  These files end in 00 or 12 and represent 8PM and 8AM respectively (see UTC or Zulu time).  So, a file link reading 00040500 is the link to the surface weather map for April 4th, 2000 at 8PM. These surface maps have useful information about regional wind speed and direction. They also show the position of high and low pressure systems and associated pressure gradients. More information on interpreting these maps is available from Unysis at this link.



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