Warbler and sparrow nocturnal flight calls
(Call information from sites around the continent)

St. Louis, MO
North Manchester, IN
Jamestown, NY
Alfred Station, NY
Mexico, NY
Danby, NY (active)
Chatham, NY
Hadley, MA
Harlingen, TX
Ruston, LA
Tahlequah, OK

All stations used the Old Bird 21c microphone. Data were extracted with Tseep software. Click on the station name to access historical data, tentative species information, and wav files of the flight calls (2012).

Bill Evans is editor of these data and performs the initial call tallies & species classification. In all cases, call totals and species information should be considered tentative and subject to fine tuning upon further review.

The flight calls and information available on this website are intended as a public resource and are licensed as follows:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 Uniported License.

Any distribution of calls and information should attribute Old Bird Inc as well as the host and sponsor (if noted) for the source acoustic station(s).